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Gossip, Gossip, and More Gossip!

Some of these stories are taken from IM convos I had with Cal. I mean if it wasn't for Cal, who would I gossip with? ^_^

“Some Sleep, Others Byze”

"I was having an affair with this Englishman, can't tell you his name. And the first time I byzed with him...," Tallulah Bankhead was saying.


"Byzed with him?" someone interrupted, "Is that anything to do with Byzantium?"


"No, darling, byzed. Beddy byze. I went to bed with him. Didn't your daddy or mommy ever tell you to go to 'beddy byze'?"


Future author Jacqueline Susann was amazed and amused that Tallulah, who normally used longshoreman language, never even "slept" with men: she "byzed with them.


*excerpt from the book "Tallulah, Darling" *



“Zsa Zsa Galore”

Okay so Zsa Zsa Gabor and George Sanders were taking this trip through Italy by train and they were on there way to Rome when Zsa Zsa spotted this young priest on the train named Marco. Zsa Zsa thought Marco was HOT, so she was talking to George about him and George started getting turned on by the fact that Zsa Zsa was turned on. So they invited Marco to come and talk with them and they got to chatting around and George was like, "Let's have a threesome!" or "Marco fuck my wife!" (or something to that effect), but never the less, the subject was brought up and Marco wanted to. But naturally Zsa Zsa was like, "Oh no we can't, you're a priest!" but Marco said he didn’t care, so they decided to keep in touch. Well George was pissed off that Zsa Zsa had passed up this prime opportunity and so he's like, “Fine, whatever, don't fuck Marco!” and  then a little while later he's like, "Okay, how about this you go fuck your brains out with Marco, come back here, and do everything you did with him, with me!" So Marco and Zsa Zsa go out to the country and Marco makes a move, but Zsa Zsa's like, “No!” and so they spend the whole day talking. So then, according to Zsa Zsa, she went back home that night to George and they byzed the brains out of each other, with him believing she had done the exact same thing with Marco.


“Shhh! The Neighbors Will Hear You!”

George Sanders had a relationship with Hedy LaMarr and she would always come over to his house so they could byze. Well either Hedy just liked sex a lot or George was a really good lover, because Hedy screamed so loud that it woke up the neighbors, (George's words: "That's a turn-off."), so he ended it.


“Toilets Aren’t Conducive to Achieving Death”

Paul Bern (the guy who was married to Jean Harlow, messed around with Joan, and helped Joan get her start in pictures) was in love with Barbara LaMarr and when she found out that he was impotent, she laughed in his face. Well then he tried to kill himself, you know how? By drowning himself in his toilet, only it didn't work because he didn't lift up the lid, so his head got stuck and they had to call a plumber to get him un-stuck.


“Tallulah Chirps a Song”

Tallulah Bankhead had given up her contract at Paramount, but Irving Thalberg thought she was a hot commodity and was having a hard time convincing L.B. Mayor that she was worth it. L.B. thought she was too flamboyant and he liked his studio clean or at least the pictures... So they were having this big party/business ordeal, but out of nowhere Tallulah stands up on a piano and says "L.B. this is for you" and begins singing "Pack up all my care and woe here I go swinging low... Byye Byyyyyyyye Jeeeeeeeew Bird"


“That’s Not My Leg!”

When director Frank Capra asked Claudette Colbert to show off her shapely legs for the hitchhiking scene in “It Happened One Night,” she refused. It was only after Capra hired a body double for the close up, that she changed her mind: “Get her out of here! I’ll do it. That’s not my leg!”  


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